Two Prophecies (Part 2)

Emanuel Minos (1925-2014) was born in the Belgian Congo of a Greek father and a Congelose mother. At the age of four he was adopted by the Norwegian pioneer missionaries Gunnerius and Oddbjørg Tollefsen. Emanuel was known even at five years of age as a preacher, and this characterized him for the rest of his life. … Continue reading Two Prophecies (Part 2)


There are not enough pages in the world to document what God accomplished in The Cross of Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, I will in this article focus on four critical tasks performed by God in Christ's Cross. Task One: In The Cross of Jesus Christ God legally removes the primary obstacle between you and Himself. Task … Continue reading THE CROSS

How to be Perfect (Part 3)

We continue our Perfection Howto from Part 2 with Step Five. Over the past two millennia there have been many attempts in many languages to communicate the nexus of what Step Four means (unconditional acceptance from God). One of the best of these is John Bunyan's "The Doctrine of Law and Grace Unfolded" edited by … Continue reading How to be Perfect (Part 3)