The FREE Gift?

True or False: There are some people that don't deserve any mercy and there are many people that do deserve mercy. (WARNING: we're heading into DEEP theological waters, so put your spiritual scuba gear on...or learn to breath GOD! The stakes? Your eternal fate.) And before I give the answer to my little quiz, please … Continue reading The FREE Gift?

Your Pastorship

The Bible likens the Church of Jesus Christ to an assembly, a body, a family, a kingdom and an army. Why so many metaphors? How can the Church of Christ be like five different things--at the same time??? In 2nd Corinthians 12:28 Paul gives the impression that there's a "pecking order" in the idea … Continue reading Your Pastorship

‘One Thing’ Revisited

I'd like to share some very important truths from Christ's encounter with the rich young ruler narrated in my previous blog post. This historic meeting, described in the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew 19:16–30; Mark 10:17–31; Luke 18:18–30) shines a revelatory light on Salvation, Redemption and the critical relationship between the Law of God and the Grace … Continue reading ‘One Thing’ Revisited


Does an experience as universal as loneliness really require an eradicating cure? Can you even imagine a society in which loneliness doesn't exist??? It could be argued that loneliness serves the same function for the human soul (and spirit) as hunger and thirst do for the human body. Hunger is the body's way of telling … Continue reading LONELINESS!

How to be Perfect (Part 4)

We continue our Perfection Howto from Part 3 with Step Six.Step Six: Practice the pleasure of PROPERLY digesting the Bible on a regular schedule. Have you ever considered the prospect of teaching your cat algebra? Perhaps you've planned to teach your dog how to read. Surely building a chimpanzee's English vocabulary to 200,000 words is not that … Continue reading How to be Perfect (Part 4)


No human in the history of our species has ever prayed with the fervor and passion we find in Jesus the Christ. This is true for a number of reasons. First of all, no human being had enjoyed the Fellowship that Christ had with the Father, for as long as Christ had enjoyed that Fellowship. … Continue reading Homesick

The End of Guilt (Part 4)

In this article I'll wrap up my four-part series on guilt. “So what do I do with my guilt?” Short answer: give it to Jesus--Translation: let Jesus take responsibility for your guilt. What sense does it make for you and Jesus to be punished for the same Sin? Long answer: for those who are used … Continue reading The End of Guilt (Part 4)