There are not enough pages in the world to document what God accomplished in The Cross of Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, I will in this article focus on four critical tasks performed by God in Christ's Cross. Task One: In The Cross of Jesus Christ God legally removes the primary obstacle between you and Himself. Task … Continue reading THE CROSS

The Myth of Racism

I love white people--and for good reason: God created them. And God never created anything that He did not love. "What about the Devil?" What about the Devil?? God created and loved Lucifer; Lucifer created the Devil, and the Devil can only love himself. I also love black people--and for good reason: God created them. … Continue reading The Myth of Racism

Cruise Control

I know it's been a while since my last blog post, but since my first ever cruise aboard the Carnival Conquest ended, things have been very hectic. Two days before my cruise my vehicle's engine cracked; which part is unknown since it would've cost too much money to find out. On the same day I … Continue reading Cruise Control