The FREE Gift?

True or False: There are some people that don't deserve any mercy and there are many people that do deserve mercy. (WARNING: we're heading into DEEP theological waters, so put your spiritual scuba gear on...or learn to breath GOD! The stakes? Your eternal fate.) And before I give the answer to my little quiz, please … Continue reading The FREE Gift?

Revengeance for All!

You know what it's like to be treated unjustly. Injustice stabs like a dagger--especially when the victim is one's self. In a very real sense, injustice is a form of rape: a violation of one's dignity and an affront to one's personal worth. If you're an American citizen such violations between individuals are not easily … Continue reading Revengeance for All!

The Last Consumer

Descended from the Latin tongue, the word "consumer" by the 15th century had come to have a negative inference for "one who squanders or wastes" (Online Etymology Dictionary). By the 1700s the more modern definition--one who buys and/or uses goods, articles and services (as opposed to one who produces and/or sells them)--had caught on. In … Continue reading The Last Consumer