How to be Perfect (Part 2)

We now continue our Perfection Howto begun last week with Step Four. Step Four: Practice the pleasure of receiving the Gift of Jesus Christ's Perfection continually (as a way of life). I started this series by saying that only perfect people have access to Heaven (Matthew 5:48)...this is true. Yet, let me add that the … Continue reading How to be Perfect (Part 2)

Play Dead!

We've all heard the recommendation: when attacked by a bear, play dead. Well, that's partially true...if you're attacked by a mother bear that's defending her cubs. If, however, you're attacked by a cubless bear (male or female) and you have no bear spray or very high-powered weapon, I suggest that you fight the bear as … Continue reading Play Dead!

God, Reality and Ignorance

Only The Godhead REALLY exists. Am I a pantheist, or do I advocate that everyone or everything is God? Anyone who has read my books or even the contents of this blog would be hard-pressed to draw such a conclusion. What I am saying is that Eternal Deity, having neither beginning nor end of existence, … Continue reading God, Reality and Ignorance