‘One Thing’ Revisited

I'd like to share some very important truths from Christ's encounter with the rich young ruler narrated in my previous blog post. This historic meeting, described in the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew 19:16–30; Mark 10:17–31; Luke 18:18–30) shines a revelatory light on Salvation, Redemption and the critical relationship between the Law of God and the Grace … Continue reading ‘One Thing’ Revisited


There are not enough pages in the world to document what God accomplished in The Cross of Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, I will in this article focus on four critical tasks performed by God in Christ's Cross. Task One: In The Cross of Jesus Christ God legally removes the primary obstacle between you and Himself. Task … Continue reading THE CROSS

How to be Perfect (Part 2)

We now continue our Perfection Howto begun last week with Step Four. Step Four: Practice the pleasure of receiving the Gift of Jesus Christ's Perfection continually (as a way of life). I started this series by saying that only perfect people have access to Heaven (Matthew 5:48)...this is true. Yet, let me add that the … Continue reading How to be Perfect (Part 2)