The FREE Gift?

True or False: There are some people that don't deserve any mercy and there are many people that do deserve mercy. (WARNING: we're heading into DEEP theological waters, so put your spiritual scuba gear on...or learn to breath GOD! The stakes? Your eternal fate.) And before I give the answer to my little quiz, please … Continue reading The FREE Gift?

Peace Obeyed

Have you known anyone whose entire life has been overrun by chaos (anger, stress, bitterness, disappointment)? I have (been one of those people). The injustices of life seem to have a way of piling up on you one after another. There's the pile of broken sexual relationships. Legitimate sexual relationships (Biblical marriage), due to poor … Continue reading Peace Obeyed

God, Reality and Ignorance

Only The Godhead REALLY exists. Am I a pantheist, or do I advocate that everyone or everything is God? Anyone who has read my books or even the contents of this blog would be hard-pressed to draw such a conclusion. What I am saying is that Eternal Deity, having neither beginning nor end of existence, … Continue reading God, Reality and Ignorance