Deathbed Profession

One of the first things GOD showed me when I was born-again was what physical death was like. If you are saved, death (once the body has finally surrendered itself to the inevitable) is a very pleasant experience. Lately I've wondered what would be my last words to the Church and the world when I … Continue reading Deathbed Profession

The End of Happiness

Lately I've been active on a social website named Quora. Quora’s mission is to share and grow the world’s knowledge. Quora is a place where you can ask questions you care about and get answers that, according to the site's creators, are "amazing." I was a member on Quora literally for YEARS before I participated at … Continue reading The End of Happiness


There are not enough pages in the world to document what God accomplished in The Cross of Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, I will in this article focus on four critical tasks performed by God in Christ's Cross. Task One: In The Cross of Jesus Christ God legally removes the primary obstacle between you and Himself. Task … Continue reading THE CROSS

Revengeance for All!

You know what it's like to be treated unjustly. Injustice stabs like a dagger--especially when the victim is one's self. In a very real sense, injustice is a form of rape: a violation of one's dignity and an affront to one's personal worth. If you're an American citizen such violations between individuals are not easily … Continue reading Revengeance for All!

The End of Guilt (Part 4)

In this article I'll wrap up my four-part series on guilt. “So what do I do with my guilt?” Short answer: give it to Jesus--Translation: let Jesus take responsibility for your guilt. What sense does it make for you and Jesus to be punished for the same Sin? Long answer: for those who are used … Continue reading The End of Guilt (Part 4)