The End of Happiness

Lately I've been active on a social website named Quora. Quora’s mission is to share and grow the world’s knowledge. Quora is a place where you can ask questions you care about and get answers that, according to the site's creators, are "amazing." I was a member on Quora literally for YEARS before I participated at … Continue reading The End of Happiness


Does an experience as universal as loneliness really require an eradicating cure? Can you even imagine a society in which loneliness doesn't exist??? It could be argued that loneliness serves the same function for the human soul (and spirit) as hunger and thirst do for the human body. Hunger is the body's way of telling … Continue reading LONELINESS!

How to be Perfect (Part 5)

This article finishes the Perfection Howto continued from last week. Step Seven: Practice the pleasure of Divine Dependency (translation: start TRUSTING GOD and stop worrying). You may have noticed the glaring omission of Prayer from this Howto; it shall be addressed under Step Seven. It is quite unfortunate that for so many well-meaning believers Prayer is … Continue reading How to be Perfect (Part 5)

The Kingdom

Before the universe(s) existed, the Kingdom of Heaven had been a thriving civilization. We know this because the Bible says that when God created the Earth, He had an audience: "Where were you when I laid the foundation of the Earth? Tell me, if you have understanding. Who determined its measurements—surely you know! Or who … Continue reading The Kingdom

Peace Obeyed

Have you known anyone whose entire life has been overrun by chaos (anger, stress, bitterness, disappointment)? I have (been one of those people). The injustices of life seem to have a way of piling up on you one after another. There's the pile of broken sexual relationships. Legitimate sexual relationships (Biblical marriage), due to poor … Continue reading Peace Obeyed

Hearing God (Part 2)

Sometimes an object can best be described not by stating what it is, but by stating what it is not. I've sought to employ this method in Part One of this series on Hearing God. Now we can go on to examine why a true Child of God can hear God's Voice. "Excuse me, but … Continue reading Hearing God (Part 2)

On Suicide

I wish to address an issue that is chronic across many geographical, ethnic and cultural lines: suicide. The statistics are staggering, tragic and grievous: according to the World Health Organization (WHO) more people die from suicide than from homicide. 30,000 suicides per year in Japan (according to the BBC News World Edition)...29,350 suicides per year … Continue reading On Suicide