Symbols, Anthems and Idols

After days of serious thought, I've concluded that it's time to address the Kaepernick issue... I address this very frank and sincere blog entry to the American Christian community, to whom the Words of Christ: "Love thy neighbor as thyself" is more than just a proverb. For those of you living under a rock, Colin … Continue reading Symbols, Anthems and Idols

The Myth of Racism

I love white people--and for good reason: God created them. And God never created anything that He did not love. "What about the Devil?" What about the Devil?? God created and loved Lucifer; Lucifer created the Devil, and the Devil can only love himself. I also love black people--and for good reason: God created them. … Continue reading The Myth of Racism

To Be A Cop

Law enforcement is a critical--nay absolute necessity in our society. That's because all of us are lawless in our hearts (if you don't believe me, try driving on the interstate at the speed limit and see how often you are passed). One of the consequences, however, of creating a law enforcement infrastructure is that we … Continue reading To Be A Cop

The Standing Rock Massacre

What does the Flag of the United States of America mean to a Sioux living on the Standing Rock Native-American Reservation? How would you feel if the U.S. Government came to your land in the onset of winter (20 degrees Fahrenheit at night), cut off your access to health services and fired tear gas, water … Continue reading The Standing Rock Massacre