As the author of seven books on the Christian Faith I’m a bit surprised that I took this long to setup a blog.

(NOTE: this WordPress account has been in existence and forgotten for quite sometime till a week or two ago when, while attempting to create a new WordPress blog I re-discovered its existence!)

The truth is: I’ve had a website up for the better part of 15 years (the now defunct which I lost Nov-2015 due to a lack of income. If I was going to publish online again, I wanted time to think long and hard about how I would go about it.

My original website consisted of a number of subdomains, each addressing different technologies (I quite enjoyed having a lab to test out different web development tools): Joomla, Java/Clojure, opensource support, geneology web apps, etc.

The content of these subdomains varied from the full texts of my early books (prior to being published on Amazon Kindle) to various blogs on Linux and Gnu Hurd technologies, among other things.

Nowadays I’ve grown more focused with my spare time, giving more attention to writing. This blog serves three purposes:

  1. to separate my essays from my Facebook content, hopefully mitigating (or at least reducing) any overly-passionate angst between me and my Facebook connections
  2. to draw attention to my published (and soon to be published) books
  3. to hopefully introduce my ideas and writings about GOD to a larger audience.

I welcome sane and well-thought out comments and promise to reply as quickly as I can.

With that said, here is the first post:

First Blog Post: My Point of View