By Calvin L. Mitchell

IMMUNITY to the Lake of Fire

A No-Nonsense Guide

The universe is so old…yet life is so short. You and I will spend more of our existence in the after-life than the few years we have in this life. Getting ready for Eternity is both CRITICAL and SIMPLE!

By Calvin L. Mitchell

Once Saved, Always Saved

Assurance of Our Father’s LOVE!

Are you “saved”? How do you know? How SURE are you of your Salvation? Can you lose your Salvation? In a brief essay Calvin covers all the bases and provides a Biblical basis for Hope!

By Calvin L. Mitchell

Letters from God

A Work of Fiction

What if God wrote you a letter? What would He say? Would He address racism, economics or terrorism? Author and Speaker Calvin L. Mitchell addresses the concerns of today’s Christian in easy-to-understand language on topics that include Faith, Righteousness, Charity and sexuality.


Calvin L. Mitchell

Calvin Lamont Mitchell is an Author, Speaker, Podcaster and IT Consultant with 25 years of experience in Information Technology, 26 years in Music and 35 years with Jesus Christ.

Investing 35 years in the research, study, teaching and preaching of the Holy Scriptures, Calvin exposits Divine Truth to audiences crossing both denominational and nondenominational boundaries. Calvin brings fresh light to the foundational doctrines of the Christian Faith and has a testimony that exalts the Person and Divinity of Jesus Christ.

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